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Additional Products

Real Estate Reports

Real estate reports can detail the ownership of a particular piece of property, or the tenants of the property. This information is helpful in understanding the prior land use.

Historical Tenant Report

Reports all listed tenants of your property and surrounding properties as far back as possible. The report is done in 3-5 year intervals, and uses reverse listing type directories as the source. View sample

Fire Insurance Maps

Verbally describes the details of the maps showing the fire risks and property use during historical times. View sample

NEPA Report

Reports the presence of historical, cultural, wildlife and flood risks in accordance with the National Environmental Protection Act.

Land Use Maps

BBL offers additional maps that are helpful in the assessment. They may help you to assess the land structure, the prior uses of the property or the risks involved with a particular property.

U.S.G.S. Topographic Maps

Shows the topographic features surrounding your site. View sample

U.S.G.S Historic Topographic Maps

Copies of all topographic maps made for the area surrounding your site. It is a good way to track the development through time of the area. View sample

NWI Wetlands Maps

Shows the wetlands of the area surrounding your site. Maps are produced by the National Wetlands Inventory and the Department of Fish and Game.

Oil and Gas Maps

Maps of known oil and gas wells surrounding your site. Shows active as well as inactive wells.

FEMA Flood Insurance Maps

Shows the flood plains of the area, as well as the designation for your site as well.

Aerial Photographs

BBL has a large collection of aerial photographs. The photographs have been digitized and are available in electronic format.

Aerial Photo Search

Historical aerial photographs search showing how your site has been developed during the last 5 to 7 decades. View sample

Aerial Photographs

Shows a bird’s view of present features surrounding your site. View sample