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What is BBL's turn around time?

Environmental Records Searches are running under 24 hours.  Other reports run between 2-4 days.

What if I need it faster? Does it cost extra?

BBL does not charge for “rush” orders.  We will always do everything we possibly can do to help you out…no charge.

What information do I need to provide to get a report?

We just need the street address, city and state. If the site is unusually large, or has boundaries that might be unusual, we will probably want a map of the area. For a Chain of Title, we also need an APN# or the Current Owner. 

How does the order process work at BBL?

First, you order the report either by

1.)  Submitting the ONLINE ORDER FORM
2.)  Faxing your request to (858)259-8176
3.)  Calling, and placing a phone order at (800)373-0641

If you request a hardcopy of the report, you will receive a fax of the summary within 24 hours, and the hardcopy will go out U.P.S. that same day. If you request e-mail delivery, the report will be delivered within 24 hours. An invoice will be sent after the report has been completed.

What if I have multiple sites that are near each other?

If your multiple sites are near each other, it is often possible to combine them into one report instead of doing separate reports for all the sites. We will just extend the boundaries of the search to accommodate the borders of the properties.

I have a site that is very odd shaped. What can I do?

No problem. We have done all kinds of odd shaped sites from linear sites along railways, and entire townships, to jobs that just look like big sausages. The only thing we need is a map showing the boundaries of the site. If it is exceptionally large, we will get back to you with a price quote ASAP.

Can I just search certain databases, or set the search distance myself?

You can customize your BBL reports in any way you like. We can search any combination of databases you like to any distances you like. Every client you have might have different requirements, and we can help you. Customize your reports so you only get the information you need.

Do you charge for shipping?

Yes. The Standard Delivery charge per report is $4. Overnight charge is $12. EMAIL DELIVERY HAS NO CHARGE.